Recycling & Waste Disposal

The Town of Erie is committed to providing the resources for recycling and waste disposal. Consider the methods below.

  1. Hard to Recycle and Hazardous
  2. Start at the Store
  3. Erie Recycling Center
  4. Haulers
  5. Yard Waste
  6. Reusable Item Pick Up
  7. Drop-off Centers
  8. Clean-up Days
  1. Summer Water Tips
  2. Food Waste tips
  3. Water tips (1)
  4. Leaf Composting Infographic
  5. Erie Green Business Program Logo

    Celebrate Green Business and HOAs

    More than a dozen businesses and homeowner associations in Erie have completed the Green Certification... Read on...
  6. Recycling Center Hours Instagram Post

    Recycling Center Open 7 Days

    The Erie Recycling Center has returned to 7-days per week operations between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.! Read on...
  7. leaf composting 2020 with Rose

    Volunteers Needed: November Composting Event

    Interested in donating time to another successful composing event, on either Nov. 6 or Nov. 14... Read on...
  8. Electric Vehicle and charging station

    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    With an ambitious goal of 25 chargers by 2025, the Town is currently at... Read on...
  9. Clean-up Event

    Free Landfill Voucher Available Until Sept. 18

    Residents - don't forget to register for a voucher (one per household) for free access to the landfill through Sept. 18... Read on...
  10. Recycle guide

    What is Recyclable?

    Whether you're recycling through a curbside recycling program or... Read on...
  11. Clean Air Champions

    Clean Air Champions

    The Regional Air Quality Council presented Erie's Sustainability team with a Clean Air Champions award... Read on...
  12. dont be spooked ev range square

    Erie EV Showcase & Ride and Drive Event

    Don't be spooked by EV range! Put on your costume, bring your electric vehicle and stop by... Read on...
  13. erie litter pickup

    Erie Litter Pickup (and Pizza) at Reliance Park

    Join Eco-Cycle for a community clean-up starting at Reliance Park... Read on...
  14. Tree Incentive Program

    Fall Tree Incentives

    Open for the fall planting season! Read on...