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1. What if I want to request an exemption to the residential fire suppression requirements?
2. Who determines the minimum water tap/meter size required for a dwelling unit provided with a residential fire sprinkler system?
3. What if a water tap/meter size greater than ¾ inch is required based on the residential fire sprinkler system design?
4. What if 3/4-inch water service piping is already installed within a portion of a development?
5. What if 3/4-inch water service piping is already ordered for a portion of a development?
6. Who should be contacted with the Town to determine the water pressure at the main?
7. What standard is used to design a dwelling unit fire sprinkler system?
8. Who will review, approve, and inspect residential fire sprinkler systems?
9. When can Stock Plan submittals for review and approval to the 2021 I-Codes begin?
10. Is there a limit on Site-Specific dwelling unit building permit applications that comply with the 2015 I-Codes prior to Sept. 30, 2023?
11. Are revisions being considered to the amendments of the adopted 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)?
12. Will the Town adopt the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC)?