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Solicitor Permit

  1. Solicitor's Permit Request

    A solicitation permit is required for each applicant that is soliciting within the Town of Erie’s jurisdiction. The application is filed with the Town Clerk’s office and requires a background check. Solicitation is prohibited before 8 am or after 8 pm. No person other than the Town or its designees, shall fasten or deposit in any manner any notice, poster, or other advertising or promotional material without the permission to do so from the owners or occupants. Each permittee shall carry the solicitation permit and personal identification at all times while engaging in the solicitation, and shall present such identification upon request.

    Unless the Town Clerk finds grounds for denial, the Clerk’s office shall issue the solicitation permit within ten (21) days of the receipt of a complete application which includes a background check; submitted electronically by the applicant; and payment. The Town Clerk may deny the application for Failure to Comply with provisions of the code, felony convictions, and convictions for any crime committed while engaged in solicitation in the Town. Appeals may be submitted to the Board of Trustees. Solicitation permits expire one (1) year from the date of the issuance. The cost associated with obtaining a solicitation permit are as follows:

    Solicitation permits expire one (1) year from the date of the issuance. 

    Background Check Fee: $18.50

    Town of Erie Solicitation Fee: $100.00

    Total Fees:  $118.50

    Please wait for further instructions from the Clerk’s Office before making payment.

  2. Background Acknowledgement

    By signing below, the applicant(s) authorize the Town of Erie to conduct a background check. Also, by signing below, the applicant (s) agree to abide by the terms, conditions, and requirements of Chapter 6 of the Town of Erie municipal code and I understand that in addition to any civil or criminal penalties authorized by the code, the Town of Erie may revoke my permit to solicit, sell, deal or canvas within the Town limits, should I fail to abide by said code. 

    The applicant (s) agree to carry the solicitation permit badge, provided by the Clerk’s Office, and personal identification at all times while engaging in solicitation and shall present such identification and permit upon request of any person. The applicant (s) understands the Town reserves the right to revoke the permit for failure to comply with related regulations.

  3. Background

    Upon completing this request, please visit the National Center for Safety Initiatives secure link to begin the required Background Screening Check. Please complete all of the required information, and consent and authorization forms. The application will be delivered directly to the Town of Erie's Clerk Office.

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