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Request for Change of Service

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  2. Request for Change of Service

    Transfer/Final Read Request Form (Sale of Property)

    This form must be completed and submitted by Title Company.

    • Status requests may be made by phone, however, this form must be submitted before service can be transferred to a new owner and/or a final meter read can be ordered.
    • Title companies should submit Request for Change of Service form either the day of closing or the day prior to closing. 
      • If there is a change in closing dates, the title company must submit an updated Request for Change of Service as soon as possible.
    • Requests for Change of Service forms must be received in a timely manner. Any requests received more than two weeks after the closing date will only backdate to the most recent bill date for that home. The Town will no longer transfer charges between accounts for late requests. The proration of final bills, and/or additional payments due, is the responsibility of the title company.
    • Are you a landlord looking to change tenant information? Click here.

    If you have any questions please contact the Utility Billing Department at 303-926-2700.

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