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Historic Landmark Nomination

  1. Historic Landmark Nomination
  2. Before submitting this application, contact the Erie Historic Advisory Board about the status of your property's historical survey. If the property has previously been surveyed, EHPAB will provide you with your historical survey to be attached to this application prior to submittal. Otherwise, your property will be listed on the Erie Historic Resource Inventory and prioritized for a future historical survey. As soon as it is available, EHPAB will send you the completed historical survey to be attached and submitted with this application.
  3. Only the owner(s) of properties can nominate the property. If there are multiple owners, list the principal owner first for contact purposes. List all owners of interests in the property and use the exact name(s) as it appears on the Title recorded in Boulder County or Weld County.
  4. Owner Contact Information
  5. Description of Property/Site
  6. Note: List all that are applicable: i.e., house, barn, garage, commercial building, church, etc. Exclude structure not part of the nominated structure but are now located on the property (site).
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