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Temporary License to Access Open Space

  1. Temporary License to Access Open Space
  2. *All contractors must be approved and have a Town of Erie Contractor's License
  3. Description that will readily identify the open space where the work will be completed (the "Area")
  4. Contact Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 811 before submitting this application.
  5. This application must be accompanied by:
    A set of plans, diagrams, computations and specifications clearly outlining the intent of your project. Include pictures, as appropriate, as required by the Town. Include any other data required and regulations concerning your project
  6. Please upload an plans, diagrams, computations, specifications, pictures, etc. here.
  7. Terms and Conditions
    If the License is granted, Applicant becomes Licensee. The application may be denied in the Town’s discretion if it requires access to an area of open space that is under restoration, if ground or weather conditions are such that equipment use or access would cause damage to the area, or if there is previously-scheduled work or maintenance in the area that would be disrupted by Licensee's use. Depending on the scope of the project, in the Town’s discretion, insurance and bond requirements and a separate agreement may be required. Licensee must obtain a utility locate (UNCC 811) prior to submitting the application. All work must be in compliance with the current Town Standards and Specifications and the Erie Municipal Code. Pre- and post-work inspections must be conducted by Town staff. It is Licensee’s responsibility to schedule both inspections with Town staff. All contractors working in the Town must be licensed as provided in the Erie Municipal Code. This License, if granted, allows temporary use and occupancy of the Area in its present, as is condition, with all faults, whether patent or latent, and without warranties or covenants, express or implied. The Town has no obligation to repair, replace or improve any portion of open space in order to make an Area suitable for Licensee’s intended use or access. Licensee understands and acknowledges that Licensee is responsible and legally liable for any and all damage to Town property as a result of the License and Licensee's use of Town property, whether caused by the Licensee or Licensee’s contractors, representatives, or agents. By accepting this License, Licensee agrees and commits to repair all damage, to the Town’s complete satisfaction, or to compensate the Town, at the Town's option. The Town shall notify Licensee immediately upon discovery of any damage to the Area. Licensee agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Town and its representatives, officers, employees, agents, and contractors from and against all liabilities, injuries, penalties, costs, losses, damages, expenses, causes of action, claims, demands, or judgements, including without limitation reasonable attorney fees arising from or in any way connected with Licensee's use of the Area or any act, omission, condition, or other matter related to or occurring on or about the Area under this License. Licensee agrees to bear all other costs and expenses related thereto, including court costs and attorney fees, whether or not any such liability, claims or demands alleged are groundless, false, or fraudulent.
  8. If granted, the License is valid for 30 days after date of issue.
  9. By signing below and accepting this License, if granted, Applicant acknowledges and agrees to all terms and conditions of this License stated above and certifies that the information provided above is true and correct.
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