Why can't this debris go to another landfill?

The Town of Erie is not the only entity CDPHE contacts. They also requested that Foothills Landfill in Golden (which accepted similar waste during last summer's wildfires) accept this waste as well. At this time, it is unclear whether that consent has been given from the Foothills Landfill. 

The next closest landfill would be Tower Road, near the Denver International Airport. The distance to travel between the affected homes and the landfill on Tower Road is more than double the distance to Erie. If the debris had to be trucked that distance, it would also have the consequence of drastically extending the length and cost of cleanup and recovery for our neighbors.

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1. Did the Town approve a waiver for the Front Range Landfill to accept possible asbestos debris?
2. Who was it at the Town of Erie who was authorized to consent to the asbestos waiver?
3. Does the Town of Erie have any ability to review the terms of the waiver?
4. What if I still have more questions?
5. Why can't this debris go to another landfill?
6. Am I at immediate risk from possible asbestos?
7. What is asbestos?
8. Why would homes potentially have asbestos in them?
9. How will this debris be transported to the Front Range Landfill?
10. Does the Town have an air quality monitoring system in place to detect particulates in and around the landfill?
11. How do we know the Front Range Landfill will follow the requirements in the waiver?
12. Can the Town require any additional measures from Front Range Landfill in handling this debris?
13. Does the Town make a profit of taking these loads of debris?
14. What fees are collected by the Front Range Landfill?
15. How else can I help those affected by the Marshall Fire?