When do you read the water meters?

Water meters report usage. The Town collects the usage on a rotating basis throughout the month according to the cycle billing schedule. Since 2016, the Town has been replacing residential water meters with Smart Meters that conform to all industry standards set by the American Water Works Association. Once installed, your new Smart Meter will give you access to your water consumption data, and gain a greater understanding and control of the water you consume on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The EyesOnWater customer portal stores all of your water usage in one place. View your history, discover your water trends, detect leaks, and personalize a water savings plan.  Today, more than 60 percent of Erie’s meters are Smart Meters. Learn more about the EyeOnWater tool on the Smart Meter webpage.

Additional cycle billing information..

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13. When do you read the water meters?
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