How Can You Help?

Please keep in mind; crews put forth the utmost effort during snowstorms. Extended storms may present various challenges for our crews, for example, equipment breakdowns and abrupt changes in the weather.

To help our crews perform in a safe and efficient manner:

  • Exercise extreme care
  • Travel at a safe distance from snowplows at all times
  • Do not try to pass snow removal vehicles
  • Avoid street parking if possible
  • Do not shovel snow from your sidewalk and drive-way into the street
  • Do not attempt to stop a snow removal vehicle or obstruct its path

Thank You for Your Cooperation and Consideration

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1. What are the major factors affecting snow removal?
2. Do you plow cul-de-sacs?
3. Do you plow residential streets?
4. When will you get to the secondary routes?
5. Why did you bury my sidewalk and/or driveway?
6. What equipment does the Town have?
7. How are the plowing crews called out?
8. How Can You Help?