Jan. 19, 2023 - Summary of discussions/decisions

Summary from the Charter Commission Chair:

  • We have settled on three districts with two Councilors from each, to ensure a representative sample of Erie is elected to the Council and to simplify elections.
  • Any Councilor vacancies shall be filled by automatic appointment of the person with the next highest votes for the office in question if the vacancy occurs less than 180 days after an election. If there is no one who ran who can or wants to fill the position, then a special election is ordered. If the vacancy occurs after 180 days from the election, the seat will remain open until the next regular election.
  • If the Mayor position becomes vacant, the Mayor Pro Tem becomes Mayor, and the new Mayor's now-vacant Council position is filled by the above process.
  • We will be putting out more surveys to solicit feedback on certain topics, hosted here on the Charter Commission page.

Please remember that decisions are not yet final and will be up for discussion again until the final Draft is submitted in May. Questions or comments can be submitted to the Charter Commission through an online form. Members of the public can also plan to attend in-person engagement meetings the third Thursday of the month beginning in January.

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