Jan. 5, 2023 - Summary of discussions/decisions

Below is a summary from the Charter Commission Chair:

  1. We are writing two subsections on what defines a vacancy on the Council and how to fill them, to be presented at a future meeting. The intent is to have a hard-defined process to avoid uncertainty and bias.
  2. We have defined a line of succession, going from Mayor to Mayor Pro Tem, through the Council by seniority, and then to the Town appointed officials (Town Administrator, Town Attorney, Municipal Judge, Town Prosecutor)
  3. The Town Prosecutor is being added to the Charter
  4. The above appointed officials will be required to report to the Council periodically
  5. The Town Clerk will be required to have a supply of all petitions required for conducting a regular candidate election to make it easier for candidates to file their signatures and financial disclosures.
  6. We will be adding definitions for "emergency", "administrative personnel", "consultants", and "town officers" to the definitions section. 

Please remember that decisions are not yet final and will be up for discussion again until the final Draft is submitted in May. Questions or comments can be submitted to the Charter Commission through an online form. Members of the public can also plan to attend in-person engagement meetings the third Thursday of the month beginning in January. 

View the recording of the Jan. 5 meeting.

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