Dec. 8, 2022 - Summary of discussions/decisions

Below is a summary from the Charter Commission Chair:

  1. We will remain the Town of Erie.
  2. We will remain a council/manager form of government, and the elected officials will be known as the Town Councilrather than the Board of Trustees. 
    • Note: the size of the Council has not yet been decided.
  3. We will move our elections to November with the option to coordinate with county or state elections (meaning a single ballot for all rather than separate town ballots). This will save the Town a lot of money (per the Town Clerk). We are still discussing whether the elections will be in odd-numbered years or even-numbered years.
  4. Council members will be seated in the new year after election certification, rather than the first regular meeting after certification, since those meetings are typically canceled anyways due to the holidays.

Please remember that decisions are not yet final and will be up for discussion again until the final Draft is submitted in May. Questions or comments can be submitted to the Charter Commission through an online form. Members of the public can also plan to attend in-person engagement meetings the third Thursday of the month beginning in January. 

View the recording of the Dec. 8 meeting.

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