How long does construction take?

Answer from Allo: This depends on the layout and design of your neighborhood. Some areas are built with easier access to utilities and easements, others have more complex designs and natural obstructions which can cause delays. Planning, design, and engineering are months in the making before you ever see a sub-contractor or ALLO team member make an appearance. City planning is unique in every area and in our 10+ years building GIG communities we’ve found that no two neighborhoods are alike. For these reasons and the ones that are far outside of our control, like weather and unexpected natural obstacles, we recommend checking our interactive website map for the most up to date information on your neighborhood.

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1. Why is Allo allowed to install fiber lines in Erie?
2. Why is new service beginning near Flatiron Meadow and Rex Ranch?
3. What is a "fiber hut"?
4. Why does the Erie community need another internet, TV, and phone provider?
5. What is an “easement” or “right-of-way”?
6. How do I find the easement in my yard?
7. How will I be contacted regarding the start of construction?
8. How long does construction take?
9. Will I receive notice before locate flags or markings are placed?
10. There are flags and people in my yard, what are they doing?
11. How long will the flags or markings be in place?
12. How deep will you have to dig to bury the fiber line?
13. There’s a cable in my yard or draped over my fence, what is it?
14. How large is the conduit that contains the fiber optic cable?
15. There is a hole in my yard with a fence around it – what is that?
16. Why is there a pedestal in my yard and not my neighbor's yard?
17. Do I need to mark my sprinklers to avoid damage?