There are flags and people in my yard, what are they doing?

Answer from Allo: 

The flags or marking in your area were placed by the local utilities companies and help our team identify where the lines are underground. When ALLO begins fiber construction, we use these markings to protect against damage to your property or utilities. Please see the list below for an explanation of utility color associations.

  • White: proposed excavation.
  • Pink: temporary survey markings.
  • Red: electric power lines, cable, conduit, and lighting cables
  • Yellow: gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or gaseous materials
  • Orange: communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit
  • Blue: potable water
  • Purple: reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines
  • Green: sewer and drain lines

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10. There are flags and people in my yard, what are they doing?
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