Who ensures transparency of a Metro District after it’s formed?

Metro Districts follow the same “sunshine” laws as any other governmental entity in Colorado, as well as additional requirements in the Metro District statutes and in the Town of Erie’s Metro District Policy. Specifically, a Metro District must notice all meetings by posting the time and place of the meeting at three locations within the district and publish notices in a widely distributed publication. In addition, all State-required annual financial reports are published on the Department of Local Affairs website and viewable by the public. 

In addition to these steps required by the State, the Town has included requirements in the Town of Erie’s Metro District Review Policy. It is important to note that the requirements in the Review Policy do not apply to Metro Districts that were approved prior to July 26, 2022, when the Board of Trustees approved the Review Policy. Also, once a Metro District is formed, the Town of Erie is not responsible for the day to day management of the district. Like any other governmental entity, the members of the Metro District Board of Directors are responsible and residents of the district should reach out to them with questions or concerns. The role of the Town occurs only at approval.  

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