Zero Waste Event?

Yes, the Town of Erie is working towards reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill at all of our events, including July 3rd.

This takes an all hands on deck approach! When attending events in Erie, be a zero waste champion in three easy steps:

  1. Pack out what you bring in. Don’t forget your reusable water bottle!
  2. Think before you toss. Events will have 3 bins for your waste. Check signage attached to the bin to ensure you are disposing of your trash in the right bin.
  3. Reduce contamination. Tell your family, friends and neighbors about this effort and share zero waste knowledge across the Town. 

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1. What time will the fireworks show start and how long will it last?
2. Why this location?
3. Why the 3rd of July instead of the 4th of July?
4. Will there be any additional activities on site for July 3rd?
5. Are you still doing Porch Party Kits?
6. Will there be music?
7. Will there be any food or vending options available?
8. Do the pyrotechnics make a similar ‘boom’ sound?
9. How close can we sit to the show?
10. Are there any alternate viewing locations?
11. Will there be on-site parking?
12. Will handicap parking be available?
13. Is this a bike-friendly event?
14. Restrooms Provided?
15. Will any amenities be open during the time of the event?
16. Zero Waste Event?
17. What is prohibited?
18. Can we bring our own liquor?
19. Are shade tents/shade structures allowed?
20. Are dogs allowed?