How do the fees for this program work?

Your monthly price depends on the size of your landfill cart. Recycling collection, organics collection, annual large item pickup, and yard waste pickup are all included in the base service price. In other cities and towns that operate under the same PAYT model, customers will receive one 96 gallon recycling cart and one 32 gallon organics cart as standard, however, if you would like a smaller 64 gallon recycling cart or a larger 96 gallon organics composting cart your monthly price will not be affected. These details will all be determined during the contract negotiations with the Town in Fall 2022.

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1. Why would Erie want to organize a single hauler system?
2. Why does Erie have a Pay-As-You-Throw system?
3. How do the fees for this program work?
4. How much will this new service cost?
5. How will I be billed for service?
6. I am in a Homeowner’s Association, is my house included in the program?
7. I am in a homeowners association or a multi-family complex, and not enrolled in the Town’s waste program. How does this affect me?
8. Can I still contract with another company for service?
9. What day will my trash be picked up?
10. Can I discontinue service if I am moving or my home is vacant?
11. What is accepted in my recycling cart?
12. What is accepted in my composting cart?
13. Who should I contact to inquire about the Pay-As-You-Throw Single Hauler Plan?