Why would Erie want to organize a single hauler system?

Since 2013, the Town’s Community Survey results have shown consistently strong support for the Town to organize curbside waste, recycling, and composting collection services for residents. Survey results show support between 65% - 86%, depending on how the question was asked biennially for the past nine years.

On November 2, 2021, staff presented to the Board of Trustees the results of an extensive community engagement campaign and provided them with recommendations for Waste Diversion Programs & Polices. A single hauler contract for residents who are not represented by a HOA was identified as one of the most impactful actions to take to increase waste diversion, provide access and equitable service rates, lower traffic and therefore tailpipe emissions, and increase service levels and public safety.  

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1. Why would Erie want to organize a single hauler system?
2. Why does Erie have a Pay-As-You-Throw system?
3. How do the fees for this program work?
4. How much will this new service cost?
5. How will I be billed for service?
6. I am in a Homeowner’s Association, is my house included in the program?
7. I am in a homeowners association or a multi-family complex, and not enrolled in the Town’s waste program. How does this affect me?
8. Can I still contract with another company for service?
9. What day will my trash be picked up?
10. Can I discontinue service if I am moving or my home is vacant?
11. What is accepted in my recycling cart?
12. What is accepted in my composting cart?
13. Who should I contact to inquire about the Pay-As-You-Throw Single Hauler Plan?