Is artificial turf allowed to be installed at my residence in the Town of Erie?

Good question - artificial turf is allowed in the front yard, but it cannot be used as a means to comply with the landscape regulations. It is also allowed in the back and side yards so long as it makes up no more than 50% of the total square footage of area. However, it is not eligible for the turf replacement rebate. This is the current code as it is written: 

UDC 10.6.4.E.

2. Single-family and Duplex Dwelling Units 
In addition to the right-of-way landscaping described in Section 10-6-4.E.1, the property owner shall: 

  1. Provide permanent landscaping in the front yard of each home. There shall be a minimum of 75 percent of the gross front yard area, excluding driveways, landscaped with live plant materials. Mature tree and shrub canopies may count toward the 75 percent requirement. 
  2. Install landscaping within the side and rear yard such that 50 percent of the combined (side and rear) yards is landscaped with live plant material. 
  3. Maintain the landscaping within the adjacent street right-of-way. 

UDC 10.6.4.F.

5. Artificial Materials Prohibited 
Artificial plants, artificial grasses, and other artificial plant material are prohibited as a means of complying with these landscaping regulations. However, they may be used for athletic fields and similar uses as approved by the Town, but shall not be used in any manner to satisfy the requirements of these landscape regulations.

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1. Is artificial turf allowed to be installed at my residence in the Town of Erie?
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