How does swim time work?

We anticipate being able to use our aquatics area this summer. However, this could change at any point during the summer. As it currently stands, swim time will work as follows:

  • Campers will be given the opportunity to swim Wednesdays and Fridays every week during the summer. For the safety of your camper and the safety of other Community Center members, all campers will be required to take a swim test with one of our certified aquatics personnel. Based off of your campers swimming capabilities, they will be given one of three wrist bands that corresponds with their swimming ability. Please note that for safety reasons, at no time will campers be allowed access to the hot tub. 
    • Red - Full access to the zero depth entry pool and play area. 
    • Yellow - Full access to any area of the pool where their feet can safely touch; depending on the height of your camper, this may include the lazy river and slide. 
    • Green - Full access to the pool and pool amenities including: the deep end, pool swing, lazy river, and slide. 
  • If you, or your camper are dissatisfied with their assigned swim wristband, they are eligible to retake the swim test during their next swim time. Please note that retaking the swim test may cut into your campers swim time and no guarantee can be made that they will be assigned a different swim bracelet color. 

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