Can the Town require any additional measures from Front Range Landfill in handling this debris?

Front Range Landfill management has agreed to these additional measures:

  • The fire debris will be track at the scale house by tons, by customer, vehicle number, by date and time, all recorded in our computer tracking software.
  • The trucks will be directed to a separate dumping area away from all other customer and the daily waste dumping area.
  • The dumping area for fire debris will be located in a lower area in the central portion of the landfill away from any outside slopes or boundaries. It will be protected by two interior slopes, one to the west and one to the south. FRL will build an earthen berm to the north as well. Trucks will enter the area from the east.
  • The trucks will back into the area up to the southern or western slope to dump their loads.  
  • FRL will have clean fill dirt and a 6000 gal water truck readily available to manage the dumping area and the fire debris material if needed. The fire debris will be covered with clean fill dirt daily.
  • FRL will have a safety control person directing and managing the operations daily who has the ability to shut down the entire operations for any safety concerns that might arise.
  • This area will be surveyed by GPS to have an onsite record of the area and the total debris that is dumped in that area.
  • FRL will send the Town a report of the weekly activities with photos and the guidelines below which were requested. This report will be sent on Monday mornings for the prior week and include:
    1. General review of this specific activity;
    2. Truck trips per day specific to this activity; 
    3. Estimated tons of deposited waste; 
    4. Other relevant observations or safety concerns.

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