Where do I vote?

There are three ways you can vote:

  1. Mail your ballot: Your ballot will be mailed to your home. You may indicate your vote on the ballot at home whenever it is most convenient for you. When you are finished, simply place your ballot in the return envelope, complete the information on the outside of the envelope (be sure to sign your name on the appropriate space!), add appropriate postage, and drop it in the mail. Just remember to mail it in time to reach the Town of Erie Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

  2. Drop your ballot in a secure ballot box: Voters who would rather not use the mail may personally drop their ballot in the drop-off box located outside of Town Hall. This is the same location utility bill payments can be made - just inside the roundabout in front of 645 Holbrook Street.

  3. Voter Service Center: If you wish to vote in person, you may do so by bringing your mail ballot to the voter service center (exact location to be determined for each Election).

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