How does EAB spread?

EAB is a strong flier, but adults typically fly less than ½-mile from their emergence tree. Most long-distance movement of EAB has been directly traced to human movement of ash firewood or ash nursery stock. Movement of other untreated ash wood, wood chips greater than one inch, and ash products (green lumber, pallets, etc.) also present a risk.

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1. What is EAB and what does it do?
2. Why should I care about EAB?
3. What does EAB look like?
4. How does EAB spread?
5. What is being done in Colorado to mitigate the effects of EAB?
6. What is being done in the Town of Erie to manage EAB?
7. What does pesticide treatment for EAB entail?
8. How do I know if my ash tree is a candidate for treatment?
9. How do I know if my ash tree should be removed?
10. How do I know if I have an ash tree on my property?