What does EAB look like?

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EAB adults are dark metallic green in color, with a coppery red or purple abdomen under the wings. The insect is approximately 1/2-inch long and 1/8-inch wide. Adults may be present from late May to September, but are most commonly active and visible in June and July, when they feed on ash leaves and lay eggs on the bark of ash trees

EAB larvae are creamy white in color and are found in the cambium layer under the bark. S-shaped galleries (tunnels) can be located if the bark is removed or when the barks splits as the tree dies Larvae can only be located using destructive branch peeling techniques.

Note that other metallic-green beetles and larval insect stages can be confused with EAB. Talk to a professional forester, arborist, or other tree care professional if unsure about the presence of EAB in an ash tree.

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