How can I learn more about switching to an EV?

You can take advantage of our local EnergySmart EV advising which provides an expert to walk you through what options are right for you, including tax credits and charging options. Contact EnergySmart for one-on-one help to answer questions, assess your needs, and receive expert advice from a non-biased, non-sales person.

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1. Why should I consider an electric vehicle?
2. Is the Town electrifying its fleet of vehicles?
3. How can I learn more about switching to an EV?
4. What is an electric vehicle?
5. What is the first step to researching EVs?
6. How much tax credit is available for EVs?
7. Are there reduced financing options for EVs?
8. Are EVs as safe as combustible engine vehicles?
9. How do I charge my car at home?
10. What does a home charger cost?
11. Do you need a building permit to install a charger?
12. How does EV charging affect my electric bill?
13. Where can I charge my EV when traveling?