Why should I consider an electric vehicle?

The more our community upgrades to electric vehicles, the less tailpipe emissions there will be and the better the Town’s air quality will become. EVs also have many cost benefits, are fun to drive, and are more energy efficient than conventional vehicles due to the fact that:

  • EVs do not emit tailpipe pollutants and because of this contribute to better local air quality.
  • The cost of maintaining EVs is minimal compared to traditional vehicles.
  • Cost comparison of miles per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and miles per gallon of gasoline or diesel show significant cost savings while driving an EV.
  • As an owner of an EV, you will know your carbon footprint is less than a non-EV driver.
  • With more public charging stations being activated each month and the freedom to charge your vehicle at your own home, there is no need to go to a gas station anymore.

Erie’s Sustainability Plan identifies “Encouraging the use of electric vehicles by providing incentive to purchase vehicles and installing publicly available charging stations” as a priority in the Transportation Sector and “Increasing the share of electric vehicles registered in the community by 25% by 2025 (with a stretch goal of 50%)" as a target.

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