Are there any alternate viewing locations?

We encourage patrons in proximity to the Erie Community Center to view from their homes or neighborhood parks. 

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1. What time will the fireworks show start and how long will it last?
2. Will there be music?
3. Do the pyrotechnics make a similar ‘boom’ sound?
4. Why this location?
5. Will there be on-site parking?
6. Will handicap parking be available?
7. Is this a bike-friendly event?
8. Restrooms Provided?
9. Will there be any additional activities on site for July 3rd?
10. Will there be any food or vending options available?
11. Will any amenities be open during the time of the event?
12. What is prohibited?
13. Can we bring our own liquor?
14. Are dogs allowed?
15. Are you still doing Porch Party Kits?
16. How close can we sit to the show?
17. Are there any alternate viewing locations?
18. Why the 3rd of July instead of the 4th of July?