Can the Town pass a resolution to require operators to only employ those with clean background checks?

There may be ways to require this during the permitting process if a well site were proposed within the Town’s jurisdiction. We would need to consult with our Town Attorney.

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1. Can the COGCC comment on the permitting of this site?
2. Does the Town plan to have third-party auditors checking and reporting on these sites before, during, and after the operators are on site?
3. Now that there are homes basically right next door and if the approval process has changed, why is this site not subject to re-evaluation?
4. How can we be sure the sites are appropriately plugged to eliminate leaking methane?
5. What is the evacuation distance? How could this be safe?
6. Does your emergency plan include/account for funding and/or resources for our local firefighters and emergency services should a site accident occur?
7. How many wells are waiting on completions in the area? Yellowhammer/PapaJo are waiting and what other pads just east of Mae are on completions?
8. Are all on-site workers background checked?
9. Will the water be piped in or will the water be trucked in? Will wastewater be piped out or removed by trucks? What’s the estimate of number of trucks?
10. Are there any on-going tests that will be conducted to determine impacts to air and water quality, or ground stability, and will those results be made available to residents/public?
11. What air monitoring techniques will be used to monitor the Mae J site and will the CAMML mobile monitoring system be set up?
12. Do these well site permits have an expiration date?
13. When fracking begins, what sort of truck load on the roads is expected?
14. What are the walls around the site made of and are they explosion proof?
15. Will the tanks storing wastewater be covered?
16. How many flowlines are underneath the Mae J pad?
17. Who is the hydraulic fracturing company and who is the wireline company?
18. Where is the water being piped in from?
19. What is the schedule for major milestones?
20. Will there be monitoring during the flowback period? How long will flow back occur?
21. Is there a site map for where these locations are?
22. What agency do we contact to investigate and resolve noise or environmental concerns?
23. Is there expected to be a physical vibration felt at homes near the site during hydraulic fracturing?
24. Will there be visible emissions during fracking? Emissions from trucking, crane, and/or pumps?
25. Which way do the flow lines run? How deep are the flow lines buried?
26. Is there any security measure in place to protect the wells from extremists attacks?
27. Will Occidental use the electric fracturing fleet since this site is so close to homes?
28. Because the Mae J site is within 1,000ft of an occupied structure, what additional monitoring, repair, notification, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements will you be following?
29. Does Erie have future plans to compel other jurisdictions to justify their land use decisions?
30. How long are drilling permits valid?
31. What is Erie's role in residential development permits as they relate to well sites?
32. Who at the Town level is the contact for reporting health impacts, noise, odor, and nuisance?
33. Once these wells are completed, will this parcel be annexed into Erie?
34. Are the Town's employee's background checked?
35. Can the Town pass a resolution to require operators to only employ those with clean background checks?
36. Does the responsibility of air monitoring fall solely on voluntary efforts made by the drilling company?
37. Is the Town requiring Occidental to adhere to Article 12 regulations?
38. Why does the town approve oil and gas development?