Are rates going up by 25%?

Under the new rates, higher users pay more, and lower users pay less because the rates more closely reflect the actual costs of service. Water is a precious and limited natural resource, and this year’s drought and wildfires underscore this issue.  

In 2020, 11 percent of customer accounts consumed 21 percent of all water used!

In 2021, to promote affordability, the monthly service charge for water will be reduced from $30 to $19.36, and wastewater service charges reduced from $15.68 to $10.30.

For 2021 rates, assuming the same amount of water used in 2020:

  • 63 percent of customers (lower than average and average water users) will pay less than in 2020
  • 17 percent of customers (average water users) will increase less than $50 per year
  • 20 percent of customers (above average water users) will increase more than $50 a year

Plus, the tiered system charges users based on how much water is consumed and has been adjusted to reward those who use less.

For high users, yes, water rates (aka monthly service charges or demand charges) may increase. Overall bills are decreasing for low and average water users, and base rates for monthly service charges decrease by 35 percent.

The Town offers a number of free or discounted conservation programs that help customers use water wisely. Customers that participate in the Town’s free irrigation consultations save at least 20% on their annual water bill on average. Learn more about these programs on the water conservation webpage.

Here are a few ways to reduce water usage and associated bill increases:
Indoor water usage: Discover Erie’s water efficiency rebates
Outdoor water usage: Signup for a sprinkler/irrigation consultation
Consider xeriscape options, and discounted Garden in a Box starter kits

The best way to lower your water bill is to lower your water usage, especially on outdoor irrigation. Contact us, we can help!

Projected 2021 Customer Bill Results

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