We want to do more to conserve – can the Town help?

The Town offers a number of free or discounted conservation programs that help customers use water wisely. Customers that participate in the Town’s free irrigation consultations save at least 20% on their annual water bill on average. Learn more about these programs on the water conservation webpage.

Here are a few ways to reduce water usage and associated bill increases:

Indoor water usage: Discover Erie’s water efficiency rebates
Outdoor water usage: Signup for a sprinkler/irrigation consultation
Consider xeriscape options, and discounted Garden in a Box starter kits

Erie encourages xeriscape. Additionally, in March 2019, Colorado HB19-1050 was updated to encourage the use of xeriscape. The bill amended sections of the Colorado Revised Statutes prohibiting restrictive covenants, rules, or regulations (ie. HOAs) that limit the installation or use of drought-tolerant vegetative landscapes and deems those covenants, rules, or regulations as contrary to public policy. Associations may adopt and enforce design, and aesthetic guidelines or rules, regulate the type, number, and placement of drought-tolerant plantings.

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11. We want to do more to conserve – can the Town help?
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