Are there any other options for camp other than full-summer registration?

Camp Erie has reached capacity (per state licensing requirements) each of the past six summers and we have not been able to provide for all families in need of full and part-time care. We made the difficult decision to only offer full-summer registration based on feedback received and the belief that it provides for the greatest need of full-time care. We also believe this creates the best camp experience for each child as they get to know each other and their counselors very well without the introduction of new children every week. 

Understanding there are many families in your situation that only need part-time care, we have worked very hard to improve and increase part-time camp options. These include many single day, single week, full and half-day camps in arts & crafts, enrichment, climbing, dance, sports, and STEM activities. 

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1. When can I register for summer camp?
2. How can I register for Camp Erie?
3. What are the Camp Erie dates and times?
4. How much does camp cost? Are there payment plans available for my camper?
5. What are the payment plan dates?
6. Will there be field trips?
7. Will campers be allowed to swim this summer?
8. What is Camp Erie doing to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus?
9. What happens if my camper, another camper, or staff member contracts COVID-19?
10. What’s new with Camp Erie this summer?
11. Are there any other options for camp other than full-summer registration?
12. What is Camp Erie’s refund policy?
13. Will I be able to apply for a refund if my camper is sick for a week or on a family vacation?
14. What are the weekly themes and assemblies for this summer?
15. What is Camp Erie ’s tax identification number?
16. What does my camper need to bring to camp every day?
17. Are there sibling discounts or returning camper discounts available for families?
18. Will the campers be divided into groups by age?
19. Are there separate locations for each of the age groups?
20. How does swim time work?
21. Can my camper use floaties or a swim vest?
22. Where do the campers get dropped off and picked up each day?
23. What are the qualifications and trainings for the summer camp counselors?
24. What are my options if Camp Erie fills up?
25. Additional Questions?