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March 24, 2022 1:07 PM

March 24 - Reports Available on Ajax Dashboard

Reports are for: Landfill North (March 2), Kenosha Farms (March 2), Landfill Northeast (March 4), Landfill South (March 4), Landfill Northeast (March 8), and Landfill Northeast (March 8). These full, completed reports are now available for viewing on the Ajax Event Reports Page,

Of particular note are the VOC concentrations measured in the Landfill North sample from March 2, which are among the highest measured by the Erie Air Quality Monitoring Network to date. Benzene was measured at 53.78 ppb, with a one-hour estimate of 25.78 ppb. Total VOC's were measured at 32,904 ppb, with an i/n pentane ratio indicative of a mix of urban and oil and gas activity at 0.937 ppb. The light winds and the similar signature captured two hours later at Kenosha Farms are suggestive of a build-up of VOCs from a source in the area near Landfill North that may have transported slowly to the west or northwest, though this is not certain, and the Kenosha Farms sample could represent a completely separate event with a similar composition.

Investigations into potential source location(s) and cause(s) are ongoing.

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