Grants to Communities

Community organizations may apply to the Town for financial and in-kind support of projects, programs, and events. The grants assume an annual cycle to allow for appropriate budgeting and planning. Requests submitted “out-of-cycle” must be submitted to the Town Administration Department. First-time requests are limited to $2,000 for the first year and may be awarded via administrative approval on a first come-first served basis pursuant to any available funds appropriated through the annual budget process.

Award Criteria

All applications for Grant Awards will be reviewed based upon how well the stated purpose for the request serves the Town's citizenry in relation to general criteria that is stated in the Policies and Procedures.


Eligibility is restricted to applicants which are recognized community service organizations, organized and federally designated for tax purposes as non-profit corporations, and/ or chartered chapters of state or national lodges or service organizations that engage in charitable or community service activities and public schools located in Erie. Events hosted by private for-profit organizations seeking financial or in-kind support will be considered by the Board on a case by case basis.


All requests for financial and in-kind support of projects, programs, and events requests must be submitted to the Town Administration Department via the online grant application. Applicants should expect to attend a Board meeting and respond to any questions or clarifications which may arise as the result of Board discussion.


Please submit online using the Grant Application

Questions? Contact Town Administration at 303-926-2715