Community Survey

Community SurveySome residents will receive an invitation to complete the official Community Survey in their mailbox in May 2021. If you receive an invitation, you've been selected to participate in the random, statistically valid sample group. All residents will also have an opportunity in the coming weeks to respond to an online open-participation survey.

Your participation in this survey is very important and will help inform the Erie Board of Trustees to make decisions that affect our Town and identify priorities. If you do not get a survey in the mail, you may still participate online! Results will be shared mid-summer. 

2019 Community Survey
From Mayor Jennifer Carroll's letter dated July 20, 2019: "It is my privilege to present the results of The 2019 Community Survey. The facilitator of the survey, the National Research Center, has applauded our community’s significant response rate! I am also pleased to share that our Board can celebrate being on task with many of the initiatives you have deemed important (previously identified in our work plan initiatives). For example, we’ve just purchased the largest parcel of Open Space mere weeks before receiving this result: 42% of you rank Open Space acquisition as a high priority. This theme repeats itself time and time again!"

Previous Survey Results

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