Erie Municipal Airport

Erie Municipal Airport (EIK) is owned by the Town of Erie and is strategically located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area on Colorado Highway 7, a little more than 3 miles west of Interstate 25. The main runway is concrete paved and 4,700 feet long.

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Vector Air operates as the airport's anchor fixed-base operator (FBO). Available FBO services include:

  • Aircraft rental
  • Flight instruction
  • Fuel (100LL, Jet A)
  • Tie-down

Visit the Vector Air website.


The Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) at the Erie Municipal Airport broadcasts:

  • Ceiling
  • Current altimeter settings
  • Dew point
  • The temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Visibility
  • Wind direction and speed

The system updates with real-time information every minute and broadcasts on 133.825 MHz.

Operating Procedures

2021 Airpark Construction

As part of this year’s Street Maintenance Program, road work a the airport will include full depth reclamation, compaction, and fine grading of existing sub grade of the roads in the east side of Erie Airpark (except Bonanza Dr.).

Commander Circle (Vista Pointe) will also be patched, edge milled, and overlay as part of the project.

Work hours will be 7 a.m. to dusk, Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. No work is expected to take place on Sundays and Holidays.

All of the work is also subject weather conditions. The schedule below is a guideline and can shift one way or another based on progress and/or delays.

Crews on-site will accommodate residents leaving and accessing their homes although minor delays will be possible at times. Roads will be accessible and not fully closed even during work hours. This will be an inconvenience at times with the road conditions, equipment, and general construction taking place.

 Schedule of Work:

  • Cessna Dr., Beech Ct, Stearman Ct. | July 21 –  Aug. 26
    1. Full Depth Reclamation - July 21-29
    2. Fine grading - July 29 - Aug. 20
    3. Bottom lift of asphalt -  Aug. 20-26
  • Bellanca Ct., Commander Dr., Viking Ct. | Aug. 26-Oct. 6
    1. Full Depth Reclamation - Aug. 26-Sept. 3
    2. Fine grading - Sept. 3-30
    3. Bottom lift of asphalt - Sept. 30-Oct. 6
  • Cherokee Ct., Mooney Pl., Skylane Dr. | Oct. 6-22
    1. Full Depth Reclamation - Oct. 6-8
    2. Fine grading - Oct. 8-20
    3. Bottom lift of asphalt - Oct. 20-22
  • Piper Dr. | Oct. 22-Nov. 15
    1. Full Depth Reclamation - Oct. 22-28
    2. Fine grading 10/28to - Nov. 11
    3. Bottom lift of asphalt - Nov. 11-15
  • Commander Cir. |  Oct. 22-Nov. 15
    1. Full depth Patching, 7’ edge mill
  • Top lift all roads, place the remaining 3 inches of asphalt on all roads (1.5” on Commander Circle)  | Nov. 24-Dec. 10
  • Shouldering | Dec. 10-17