Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission


  • COGCC Website
  • COGCC Office: 303-894-2100
  • Questions, comments, or complaints? Call the GOGCC Toll Free Complaint Line at 888-235-1101.


  • COGCC Complaints: This page has guidance for how to file a complaint. It also has questions and answers related to the complaint process, including what to expect and rights of the complainant.
  • COGCC Hearings: This page has links to the current and previous COGCC hearing schedules, which allow for review of the dockets, agendas, applications, and their outcome.
  • COGCC Permits: This application shows the last 12 months of approved permits and current pending permits; it may be filtered by county.
  • COGCC Maps: This interactive map application allows the user to zoom, pan, and select types of information to display. This application will also display the database information for wells by selection tools or double checking on a single item. There are also tools to allow annotations and to save reusable map files.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Because of the public's interest in and concern about the potential impacts of fracing on public health and the environment, including surface and ground water resources, the COGCC has compiled a list of documents and links. You can also find information by viewing the Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs.