Landfill Operations Update

Storm Related Activity at Front Range and Denver Regional Landfills

Posted on: October 3, 2013 
As the region continues recovery efforts related to the recent flood, the Town asked asked Dan Gudgel, Division Landfill Manager for Waste Connections, Inc. to provide an update on activity at the Front Range and Denver Regional Landfills. The following is his response: 
As everyone knows, our state has been dramatically affected by recent storms. Our landfill facilities in Erie have also been impacted. 
Due to the storm, construction activity of the new landfill cell at the Front Range Landfill has been delayed a few more weeks, which means that activity will continue to be visible from the Vista Ridge area. The expectation is to be in the new cell by the end of October, and visible activity will be reduced for a while. The site is an active landfill, so there is always the potential that neighbors will be able to see activity at the site. 
Additionally, the increase in the need for flood debris disposal has created a need to begin accepting debris at the Denver Regional Landfill. This site is not closed, but has been less active for that last 2 years. The expectation is that the site will continue to receive debris on a daily basis through October, and then activity will become sporadic at the site, depending on customer needs. The site still has a life expectancy of 5-10 years of light activity. 
The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has issued a document titled “2013 Floods – Guidance: Management and Disposal of Flood Debris.” Please be advised that the only material that we are allowed to take, that we were not previously, is electronic waste. Any materials known to be hazardous or asbestos must be handled as such, and not placed in our landfill. 
Waste receiving hours were increased in the first 2 weeks of the relief effort, but are now back to normal (M-F 6:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sat 6:00 am – 2:00 pm, closed Sunday). These hours are for both sites. 
The cleanup effort is very dynamic, and needs change daily, if a change to the above plan happens we will make an effort to notify of the change. 
For more information contact:
Dan Gudgel, Division Landfill Manager
Waste Connections, Inc.
(303) 673-9431

Landfill Operations Update

During the April 26, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting, Brian Karp, District Manager for Waste Connections, provided the Board with an update on operations at both the Denver Regional Landfill (south) and Front Range Landfill.  Mr. Karp's presentation responded to many of the frequently asked questions by the public and included an overview of the following: Gas Monitoring, Ground Water Monitoring, Financial Assurance, Landfill Footprints and Capacity, Closure, Gas to Energy Project and Potential Future Programs.  View a copy of the powerpoint presentation 

Play the video below to watch the complete presentation and discussion:

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