Erie Municipal Airport Snow Removal Procedures

Erie Municipal Airport Snow Removal Procedures

Snow removal will begin automatically when any of the following snow depths occur:

  • Dry snow of 2 inches or greater
  • Wet snow of 1 inch or greater
  • Slush of ½ inch or greater


Issue a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) with Flight Service Station (FSS) closing runway 15/33. Allow approximately 15 minutes for the NOTAM to get into the system. Runway closure NOTAM will be reported in distant NOTAMS (NOTAM D) through standard briefing procedures, however taxiway and ramp NOTAMS will only be reported in local NOTAM (NOTAM L).

  • Plow runway 15/33 to full length and width, then plow taxiway A and connectors.
  • Plow taxiway C to property boundary, then taxiway B.
  • Do not plow ramp area if snow is less that 2".
  • If necessary to plow ramp area, remove windrows if possible, if not possible, issue condition NOTAM on ramps and record condition on AWOS remarks.