Operations & Maintenance

Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is responsible for maintaining all paved and unpaved roads in the Town. Road maintenance activities include road blading, street striping, signage, traffic signals, asphalt pavement (including potholes) and concrete (including sidewalks), street sweeping, snow removal, asphalt maintenance, signing and marking, shoulder work, and roadway clean up. Learn more...

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the Town's fleet for Administration, Community Development, Information Technology, Parks & Recreation, Police, and Public Works vehicles. They also maintain heavy equipment for Public Works. Maintenance is provided through a combination of in-house and contract maintenance.


Meters is responsible for locating water and sewer lines as well as installation and maintenance of new water meters and water meter upgrades, repairing, reading, changing out, turning on and off, and re-reading water meters.

Storm Drainage Maintenance

Distribution/Collection/Storm Drainage operates and maintains the water transmission, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage collection systems. Staff performs routine preventive maintenance for all fire hydrants, valves, pressure relief valves, sanitary sewer cleaning and vacuuming of lines, lift stations, and performing emergency repairs. Each system is divided in to four quadrants and maintained on a rotating schedule. Repair, inspection, and flushing of water main lines, fire hydrants and valves, inspection and jetting sanitary sewer main lines and manholes, jetting of storm drainage main lines, ditches, and trickle channels. Learn more about Stormwater here.

Report A Street Light Outage

Street lights are owned and maintained by the power companies, therefore the best way to get a street light outage repaired is for you to report it to the power company that you pay your bill to (United or Xcel).

To expedite the process, you should have the pole number and nearest intersection/street or cul-de-sac. You can call or submit the request via their website:

New Water Service

To have new water service started, or to discontinue your current water service, please contact the Utility Billing department at 303-926-2700.

After-hours or Weekend Emergencies

 Call 303-926-2858 if you...

  • Have a blockage in your sewer line and have determined it to not be in your service line.
  • Notice an abundance of water in a location that could be a water break.
  • Notice a pothole.