HOA Tree Cost Share Program

Program Details

The HOA Cost Share program offers a 50% Town, 50% HOA cost share with a maximum expenditure for all approved applications not to exceed $15,000.

The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Cost Share program was created to assist HOAs with the cost of planting trees in Town or HOA owned and HOA-maintained parks, open space, and arterial right-of-ways. The program began in 2005 and has continued each year. 

 How It Works:   

The following is a brief description of the HOA Cost Share Program:

  • Program may be used for new or replacement trees
  • Requests for new trees will be given priority over replacement trees
  • Trees in lawn areas between sidewalks and curbs that are maintained by residents are not eligible for funding under the HOA program
  • HOA is responsible for complete care of the trees, including watering, and all costs associated with care
  • Requests for new or replacement trees must be after final acceptance of the development and not during the warranty period
  • Trees must be from the Town of Erie Approved Tree List (PDF), excluding ash and dwarf varieties or trees with an expected mature height of less than 12 feet. Deciduous trees must be 1.5 inch caliper or greater. Evergreens must be at least 6 feet tall.
  • Preferred planting dates are from March 15 - June 15, and September 1 - October 15
  • Preference is given to applicants who did not receive trees the previous year