Government Television

Comcast Cable Programming

Thanks in part to a cable franchise agreement with Comcast, the Town offers a video channel for government access (Channel 8 Standard Definition and Channel 881 High Definition) to residents who subscribe to Comcast. Anyone subscribed to another cable provider or outside of Erie can also view the live channel online.

The Town is devoted to programming that is informational, including meetings and study sessions, internally-produced videos, and other non-partisan educational shows.

Watch Meetings

Board of Trustees meetings and study sessions, and Boards and Commission meetings are available to stream live and are archived for viewing at your convenience. Visit the watch meetings webpage for more.

YouTube Videos

View videos produced by the Town, including event videos and Town-hosted programming on the Town of Erie YouTube Channel.

Cable Issues

If you are having trouble with your Comcast cable service, please contact them directly. Please have your account number available.

You can contact the Town directly if you find your service is consistently not up to standards. NOTE: Please have a reference number available when reporting your issue.