Special Events Permit

All special events, circuses, carnivals or similar exhibitions, parades, processions or open-air meetings conducted within the Town of Erie are required to obtain a permit and/or license from the Town prior to commencing such activities. This requirement does not apply to such activities that are conducted solely on private property except that such activities will be conducted in compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations. The special event permit fee is $50.00 (refundable) and will apply to all events, this fee is in addition to the $200.00 processing fee for new events. Park Shelter and Field Rental fees will be applied on a per hour use basis.

Please note that commercial activities and special events (i.e. bike races, running races, sporting events, etc.) are prohibited without a valid Special Event Permit.

Special Event Permit Application

If you are an EXISTING EVENT please complete and submit the Special Event Application and a COVID-19 Safety Plan a minimum of 60 days prior to your proposed event date.

Road Closures

Events that require any street closures, or in any way obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic must submit a Traffic Control Plan with the completed application. The event organizer is responsible for ensuring that a licensed Traffic Control Company is contracted with and that adequate and approved traffic control devices are provided at all intersections of roadways to include alleys, which intersect the closed street. Google/homemade maps will not be accepted.  

Due to accessibility and safety concerns, the following roadways cannot be closed for a special event: 119th Street, Arapahoe Road, County Line Road, Mountain View BLVD, Sheridan BLVD, or Vista Parkway.

Block Parties

You must complete an Application for Block Parties prior to your Block Party.