Liquor Licenses

A liquor license is required to sell or distribute alcohol beverages for commercial purposes.

All liquor licenses are considered by the Town of Erie Local Liquor Licensing Authority. The Municipal Judge serves as the Licensing Authority. The Town Clerk serves as Secretary to the Local Liquor Licensing Authority.

Applying for a license

To begin the process, applicants are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk to review the process, applications, and the fee schedule. A completed state application will be reviewed by the Town Clerk’s Office for accuracy. State and local fees are due to the Town Clerk’s Office upon submission of the final state application.

Liquor License Fees

To determine the fees incurred by a new liquor license, add the local application fee ($1,000) with your local fee – city under the Retail License Fees section (dependent on your liquor license type). 

To determine the state fee for a new liquor license, add the application fee under state fee city with the Retail License Fees under your liquor license type.

Posting of Public Notice

A notice must be posted at the physical location of the premises seeking a license. The public notice must be posted 10 days prior to the public hearing on the liquor license. The applicant must consider the neighborhood needs and desires through petitioning the neighborhood.

Public Hearing – Local Liquor License Authority

The Hearing Officer of the Local Liquor License Authority will ultimately approve or deny the liquor license application. The applicant should be prepared to answer questions regarding their liquor license and give testimony on their application.

Alcoholic Beverage Tastings

The Town of Erie Municipal Code authorizes alcoholic beverage tastings for licensed retail liquor stores and liquor licensed drugstores within town. The licensed retail liquor store or liquor licensed drugstore must notify the Town Clerk of the intended date, location, and hours of tasting 72 hours prior to a tasting.

Special Event Permits - Liquor

As Secretary to the Local Liquor License Authority, the Town Clerk issues all special events permits for liquor. Please note that Parks & Recreation manages all other aspects of special events. 

To qualify for a special events permit, you must be a nonprofit. There two types of special events: malt, vinous, and spirituous liquor (state fee - $25.00/day) or fermented malt beverage (state fee$10.00/day). The local fee is $100.00. A completed special event application, local and state fee, diagram of area, copy of deed, lease, written permission for premises use, and certification of good standing is due 30 days prior to the event. The premises to be licensed must be posted 10 days prior to the event. Nonprofits are allowed 15 special event permits a year.

Entertainment District

The Town of Erie exercises its local option to allow common consumption areas in the Town. The Town of Erie has one common consumption area operated by the Briggs Entertainment Association. The common consumption area is located in historic downtown Erie.