The Town of Erie partners with several transportation entities to offer a wide array of mobility options. In addition, Town staff, and the Board are actively involved in efforts to maintain, and improve upon transportation in the growing community.


JUMP Bus Line
RTD provides the JUMP bus line which extends service to the Erie Community Center, Erie Community Park and the Erie Community Library. The JUMP links Erie to Lafayette and downtown Boulder via Arapahoe Road, with opportunities to access additional bus service connecting throughout the region. The extension makes it easy for residents along the route to commute to work or take the bus to shopping, restaurants, school campuses and more.

Via Mobility Services
Via is a private, nonprofit organization that provides customers with transportation and mobility options that enable them to live a more self-sufficient and independent life.

Smart Commute
Smart Commute Metro North is a non-profit transportation management organization that promotes and supports smarter commuting options at no charge. Smart Commute informs and serves local communities and businesses by advocating for better transportation options and enhanced mobility for the north metro region. Smart Commute also provides strategies, programs, and information to reduce congestion and improve air quality

Way to Go Commuter Services
Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments and a dedicated group of Transportation Management Associations. Way to Go works to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make life better for the region’s residents.

Commuting Solutions
Commuting Solutions is dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees, and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships and education, Commuting Solutions creates progressive, flexible transportation solutions.