Active Human / Coyote Coexistence

Humans take an active role in keeping coyotes in their community wild by removing attractants, taking responsibility for pet safety, hazing coyotes off of private property, working with neighbors, and homeowners associations and learning about coyote ecology and behavior.

How to Report Coyote Encounters

If you encounter a coyote behaving aggressively, or a coyote attack we urge you to contact our dispatch at 303-441-4444. Ask to speak to an officer, who will forward the details to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. You need not report directly to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Top 10 Proactive Measures to Minimize Human / Coyote Conflict

  1. Never feed coyotes.
  2. Feed cats and dogs, as well as other pets indoors.
  3. Keep garbage and compost in securely closed cans or inside a storage area.
  4. Keep cats and dogs indoors or in completely enclosed runs, especially at night.
  5. Keep dogs on short leashes while walking and attended outside.
  6. Take a walking stick, pepper spray, or other non-lethal means to repel coyotes while on trails.
  7. Clean under bird feeders and make certain that feeders are out of reach of coyotes.
  8. Clean barbeque grills regularly, including the ground around the grill.
  9. Secure and maintain fences in good working order (do not assume fence will keep coyote out).
  10. Have noisemakers available to scare away coyotes that may enter your yard.

Guides for Coexisting With Coyotes

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