The Erie Police Department Investigation Section investigates all crimes committed against people and/or their property, investigates illicit drug activities, and processes major crime scene evidence. The Investigation Section files criminal cases with the Town’s prosecuting attorney and the Boulder County and Weld County district attorney’s offices.


The Patrol Section provides an around-the-clock, community-wide presence to ensure a visible police profile throughout Erie. This presence is intended to increase effectiveness in the areas of crime prevention and quick response to emergency calls.

The duties of the Patrol Section include:

  • Deterring and investigating criminal activities
  • Providing traffic enforcement and accident investigation
  • Providing a multitude of community services

Records & Evidence
The Records Section is responsible for filing all records in an efficient and accepted method that allows for accountability, accuracy, security, and ease of access.

The Evidence Section works to maintain property in the same condition in which it was received and to preserve its evidentiary value and integrity. 

Specialty Assignments

The Erie Police Department has a number of specialty assignments which include: Peer Support, Drug Task Force, SWAT Operator, LGBTQ Liaison, Bike Officer, Field Training Officer, Range Officer, Skills Instructor, and more. Contact us for more information.

Command Staff

The Erie Police Department Command Staff is comprised of the Chief, Division Chief, and Commanders. For contact information, visit the Command Staff Directory.