A Coal Town Revisited

A Composition of History

In 1999, the Town of Erie, commissioned Anne Quinby Dyni, a local historical writer, to compose a concise history of Erie. In collaboration with the Erie Historical Society, Ms. Dyni gathered hundreds of photographs and countless verbal histories from many lifelong residents of Erie, and the surrounding area. Erie, Colorado: A Coal Town Revisited, represents two years of work, but several generations of life. It is the history of our Town from its humble beginnings in the 1870s until just before World War II - a brief, but very relevant, piece of historical literature.

"Erie, Colorado: A Coal Town Revisited" tells the tale of the founding and establishment of the Town of Erie through the eyes of those who experienced this great adventure. There are tales of hardship, of families bound together by a common thread of struggle against great odds, of family and community gatherings for social interaction and recreation and of time marching by.

What to Expect

In this book are tales of great sacrifice, labors of love really, in order to establish the local houses of worship, elementary and secondary schools – where their children would be taught the difference between right and wrong, and how to use that knowledge to improve their lives. There are stories of the good times when people realized the fruits of their labors. The parades, baseball games, horse and bicycle races; even the annual tradition of Biscuit Day, are all described through word and photograph.

Although it is a short book, it is filled to overflowing with the richness and flavor of a community growing up on the American frontier at a time of great societal change. This book is a chronicle of our history and as a community we can somehow benefit from many of the hard lessons learned over the past 130 years.