Cheesman Affordable Homeownership Development

A few years ago, the Town of Erie Town Council (formerly Board of Trustees) committed to the goal of achieving 12% of the housing in Erie to be affordable by 2035. Per Town Ordinance 017-2023, an Affordable Housing Project is a development in which 12% of more of the total residential units will be deed restricted for ownership units to households with incomes at or below 120% of AMI (Area Median Income). In 2023, the Town of Erie purchased land (755-765 Cheesman Street) as a first step in Erie’s efforts to create affordable housing options. The Cheesman Affordable Homeownership Development will be entirely for-sale deed-restricted affordable homes.

The redevelopment of this site requires a Site Plan and Minor Subdivision land use application prior to Building Permits. Both land use applications are administratively reviewed and approved by the Director of Planning & Development per the Affordable Housing Ordinance. The land use application is still under review with Town staff and subject to change. 

Erie is working with the developer of the site, Vertikal Development, to provide information later in spring of 2024 for people who are interested in learning more about these homes. Eligible buyers must meet income guidelines. Currently, a family of four earning a household income of less than $146,000 is eligible to buy. Anyone interested in buying one of these homes (or exploring other affordable homebuying opportunities), is encouraged to attend a CHFA first-time homebuyer education course. 

The Town of Erie also plans to host a homebuyer education course in September 2024 and maintains a list of other approved homebuyer education courses in the area. 

What is This Project: 

The Cheesman development plan proposes 35 new homes. A diversity of housing to meet different needs is proposed with five different unit types, providing a range of 2- and 3-bedroom homes, single or two-story, and detached or attached homes. Each home will have access to open space through private side yards, a garden court and amenity space. 

When Will Homes Be Ready:

Construction is expected to take place in Spring/Summer 2024. With an anticipated buy selection process taking place in December 2024.


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Cheesman site housing plan table
Image of the designs for the Cheesman housing site

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Drawing of Detached Homes

Drawing of the proposed Cheesman neighborhood