Town Hall Expansion & Renovations

The staff working for the Town of Erie has been growing at the same rate as the population of the community - that is to say, quickly. Before the Covid Pandemic, the Town was already exploring ideas for expansion and renovations in the building which sits in Historic Old Town Erie, but the remote and hybrid nature of working during the pandemic allowed the project to be paused for a few years. 

Following the return to work after the worst of the pandemic, the Town began concepts, design, engineering, and other planning for an expansion and renovation of Town Hall. A staff Core Planning Team has been working closely with contract design and engineering teams for months to get the project ready to begin work. The historic landmarking of the current building means that we have been very careful, thoughtful, and strategic about how to complete this project. 

Some of the design renderings are below. The high-level timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Groundbreaking for construction on expansion - November 2023
  • New building completion - December 2024
  • Beginning of renovation inside current building - December 2024
  • Renovation completion - August 2025

Rendering of Town Hall Expansion

A rendering of the proposed Town Hall Expansion

Rendering of New Board Room

A rendering of the new Town Hall Boardroom

Short History of Town Hall

In 1906 the Lincoln School opened and served students until 1966. The Lincoln School is significant for its role in public education and for its architectural features which reflect the characteristic elements of early 20th Century schools. The building was used as a school until 1966. The Lincoln School was later given to the Town of Erie government to be open to the public in perpetuity. The building is currently Erie’s Town Hall and is on the National Historic Registry. 

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