The vision of the Erie Police Department is to be highly trained police professionals committed to the community.

Peace Officer Standard Training (P.O.S.T.)

Officers are required to be P.O.S.T. certified through the state of Colorado. For more information on the requirements, please visit

Mini-Skills Training/Orientation

Upon hire, Officers are required to achieve the following in-house training while in the Field Training Program:

  • Defensive Tactics/Arrest Control
  • Firearms
  • Driving
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Ethics
  • Proper holds/restraints
  • Search and Seizure
  • Taser, OC, Baton, Use of Force Simulator
  • and more.

Annual Training

The Training Sergeant documents and schedules training throughout the year. Each year, officers receive at least 10 hours of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, De-escalation, Community Policing, and Anti-bias training. Every other year, CPR and First Aid training is also required.

On average, Officers receive more than 100 hours of training each year.